Democratic Raccoon


All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey. Sounds of the leaves, trees and songs of the swallows… Sometimes a wind comes, silence awaits when it goes. It’s not an ordinary autumn day. Like the ones showed in movies and tv shows or written by a poet. Real autumns are as fucking boring as politicians. I have a friend who is a politician. He wanted to see me again because his leadership ego finished. He welcomed me near the dirty river. Crocodiles and frogs left the river years ago. They moved to city canalizations to live a better life. Although all of these, he’s chosen by all animals. But nowadays nobody behave him like a president.
I am talking about my old friend. Raccoon Ricky.
He gave everything up to wear a tie. Because the animals immigrated to cities. There are just old animals in the jungle. Years ago he defeated the Kingdom of Lion. Lion was a bad president. Everyday he was sitting and some animals sacrified for him. He was managing the Jungle with nature laws. Coyotes were helping him. But one day a rebel was started. Raccoons, crocodiles, bee colonies, bears, flamingos, tigers, monkeys…
They wanted to make changes. Renewed hope brings changes, but they didn’t realise… The changes came but now Ricky doesn’t want to be a president anymore. Now he wants to be free.
First rule of a raccoon.
– Everybody should believe the excellence of justice
But after a gazelle was killed by a lion everything changed and almost all animals left the Jungle. Lion was hungry and couldn’t find any food. After this happening, the family of the gazelle have gone to law. Killer lion paid the cost of being free. Money talks. Money brings justice. The animals aren’t rebelling anymore. They don’t pay the tax. They don’t need any services of the Jungle.

Ricky says “I didn’t want to be like a mafia organization”. Now they live as they wish. No government, no money, no justice. One day a rabbit lawyer told me what justice is.
“If you build the biggest courthouse of the world, it doesn’t mean the government has the best justice. A book filled with millions of rules by some educated animal doesn’t mean that the best laws of the world are in this book.”
Ricky is sad because he wanted to work as a president everyday. He is sad because he wanted to dance as he wished, without official wearing. He is sad because he wanted to play like little raccoons. He is sad because he wanted to live the lovely feelings of all creatures.
The jungle doesn’t need a president. The bees share with pleasure their own honey with the bears in the caves. Bears pick up flowers near the rivers to give to the bees. No problem, no fight. They’re in peace.
Some of the animals just live between home and work. They work and get some money. They think about this question. Working for what? They decide to serve for whom and what.
Life isn’t fair and some creatures make it more unfair. Democracy or justice are never a friend of equality. Who created democracy? Somebody needed to get more and more…
The unlucky raccoon is the sacrifice of democracy. He lost his own freedom.
Politicians can’t be free.

Democratic Raccoon

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