What to follow: heart or mind?

Soon or later you have to think about the future, but not tomorrow’s future or even in a year, but about the future for your children, for their well-being. Now I’m at the moment when I can decide where to go, where to live, where to work and finally where to settle. And you know what? That’s a real problem! First of all, it’s not a big surprise that my possibilities are pretty modest and limited. The second, the place where I would like to work, the place where I would like to live and the place where I would like to bring up children are absolutely different places! Just there is nothing common in them! 😀

Personal potential, ambitions and career demand a well-developed big city with a lot of opportunities. For children it’s the best variant as well, because even if it’s too urbanized way to live and be raised, but they will not have a complex of small towns, they will not have a deep desire to move out. Of course, there is nothing bad in it, absolutely; they are free to choose the place, to move in search of happiness and self-realization. But it’s another story,

At the same time my soul and heart want to be in a calm place, somewhere amongst Ireland landscapes or on the Island, where are only the sun, the sea, greens and trees, and small house, of course, or maybe even not so small 😀 Yes, it’s an «idiot’s dream», I know. And moreover it’s not inherent to me, because I hate to be lazy, I constantly need to do something, especially to work, but maybe because I work too much, I want to taste this life. I don’t know. As well as I don’t know where to go and what to follow: my heart or my brain. Once, our teacher said about «kokoro», what could be translated or adapted (more or less) like «clever heart» and sometimes I envy (in a good sense) the one, who has it or who was able to achieve this condition.

What to follow: heart or mind?

There Are No Accidents

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Day by day you live, spend or waste your time, doing everything or doing nothing or doing something to convince everybody around, that you’re so busy. Each day turns to night, each summer turns to winter. Something makes you happy, something makes you upset, something makes you even down. Somebody betrays you and for that moment you’re thinking that your life finished, but then time passes, seasons change, and you just can’t remember why your reaction was so hard, so silly for now?

We don’t notice how any small detail can create our future, how it can change everything. With time we look back and saw all these detail, all these accidents, what led us to what we have now. And it’s getting so obvious for us, but if you begin the countdown, you would be surprised, how it happens! Probably two years ago in this day you felt so troublous, and in some days after you cried as never before, because your World, created by you and your fantasy, crushed down. Maybe the last year it was easier and you had a hope to change everything, but it didn’t happen and for that moment you again was so upset. And then you just lived, not expecting anything, went with it all, and … accidents started to work. All smiles and all tears, all hopes and all fears, all problems and all solutions, all loses and all wins weren’t accident. They created you, who you’re today. Do you like who you are, btw? 🙂

The things above are obvious, aren’t? But what’s curious, you can realize it all, but you still can’t start to notice these meaningful details or accidents in time! Yesterday or today you was and are again upset about something, for example, about refusal from get a job or about the lack of possibility to go somewhere you want right then. What’s the problem? The problem is in perception, but we all know about the theory of half glasses, about pessimism and optimism. We all know that it’s easier to see something bad than something good. Is it an accident or not? There is no receipt to be happy, you can’t be an optimist, if you used to see something wrong or if you used to see more risks than others, and you can’t stop be an optimist, if you perceive the life easier than others. So, what to do? Maybe it’s worth to prepare everything what’s going from the both sides, from all the minuses and all the pluses? Isn’t it so boring? And would not accidents stop being so attractive, when they weave something?

No one advice can change you and say how to live, and you will not change, you will stay yourself, but you will not notice, how accidents changed you 😉

There Are No Accidents