Ballad of Owl

Everyone in sleep. Just like every night. My life isn’t like clubbers. It’s my turn for living during that time. Nobody can see, nobody can hear me. I always hide at corners. I am going to fly between their high buildings and stop on the roof of a tree. Little kids may afraid of my tweets but I sing the song of nights. They won’t know¬†the joy of flying birds. Parents say “If you wouldn’t sleep, Owl will come”. I am sad for kids. They will never see in real my wings are so much beautiful. Because they can see me only at zoo or on TV.
Nightlife guys wearing masks. Richmen stealing the dreams of children. Those wines they drunken goes to canalizations.
All those prostitutes, transvestites fucking right now. For what? For to live better.Hey you! If you’re listening my ballad, respect them! They never lied for to live better.
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Ballad of Owl