Decayed Leaf (starring A. Camus)

One night in Marseille, I met my friend from university. We talked about our days at university. He was a goalkeeper and I was the stopper of the football team of university. We started to argue about what’s the assignment of footballers in the pitch. He was goalkeeper, that’s why he had seen a wider area of the football pitch than me. After that delighted arguement we lit our cigarettes and walked down to the port. The autumn wind blew the orange leaves on the port. I was staring at laughing young girls. He was looking at the sea and paced on a dry leaf. He stopped through the rustle, and he asked “What’s the purpose of a leaf?”

I: In 4th grade, my teacher asked “what’s the purpose of a leaf?” at an exam.
C: What did you say?
I: Not to fall.
C: Oh my gosh! Not to fall…
I: 0 point.
C: What a shit. He gave 0 point for this answer?
I: Eeehh… I didn’t say something like photosynthesis.
C: Why does a leaf photosynthesis?
I: Again same answer. To live.
C: But how to live? There is a life and there is another life. Our kinda life. If it calls “to live”.
I: What do men live by?
C: By the code to hurt others, hurt and destroy.
I: In that case, a leaf decays on tree.
C: Although it decayed, it stays on there.
I: It’s like the heart of a human. Look! I think your heart is decayed, and stinky.
C: Merciless…
I: Loveless…
C: Unfair…
I: Bland…
C: Heartless…
I: Deficient…
C: Greedy…
I: And alone.
C: What do men live by during their life?
I: Their business is to hurt, to steal, to beat it. Thus, you can live in this world.
C: Not like this.

Decayed Leaf (starring A. Camus)

Joker vs. Batman


Which one is bad? Which one is good?
A man who laughs? Or a rich man who knows martial arts?
Firstly, laugh not bad act. Colourful clothes, childish but sensitive. His painted face may look horrible, but also may not. Irresponsible parents and not a crime of the child. If his dad cut his cheeks, he is innocent. Asylum doesn’t where bad people visited. The mad clown robbed the bank, but later? The clown distributed the money to charity. He is kinda like Robin Hood. His genius comes from madness. His jokes aren’t funny? Ok, I agree. Sometimes his jokes can be disturbing. But if life is a short joke, you turn to be a mad.
That sounds like nihilism.

Let’s get to know the so-called hero. The one and only son of a rich family. Living in a mansion. Good study. Wearing beautiful clothes. But one day a thief killed his parents. Why did the thief steal? He needed money. What people have money more than they need? The rich ones. Go ahead and take a cup of tea. He learned martial arts. On top of the mountain. He wears a mask, a black costume. Fighting against the criminals. Ok, somebody punishes the criminals. Does a rich man effects the lives of poor people?
We don’t play the thief-police.
Both can’t choose how they were raised.

Joker vs. Batman